Eliminate ‘noise’, manage Chatter limits and follow important conversations by automatically following and un-following records, users or groups. Works with all Chatter environments: browser, Chatter Desktop, Mobile or Customer Communities.

  • Create rules to automatically follow or un-follow records, users or groups
  • See and manage ALL your Chatter follows on one easy to screen
  • Automate and bulk Chatter notifications to ensure messages are not missed
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February 8, 2023
ChattoMate: Work flow Automation for Chatter

Take Chatter to the next level with ChattoMate

ChattoMate enhances the Chatter experience by automatically sending Chatter notification, selecting important conversations and eliminating unnecessary ‘noise’.

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Improved ‘real time’ collaboration has become critical to business success; many companies are leveraging mobile technology and the #TheCloudEra to create dynamic, interconnected communities of interest.  Numerous case studies have shown that Chatter – the Salesforce collaboration solution – is a ‘killer app’ for increasing productivity, engagement, visibility and responsiveness.

Chatter is an enterprise social collaboration platform that allows users to create profiles, post status updates, follow co-workers or groups, follow key records, share files, run polls and collaborate in a secure environment. Any object in Salesforce can be followed - accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases, custom objects, etc - creating a rich, contextual information source to stay on top of critical changes. Chatter is available to licensed Salesforce  users at no additional cost and Chatter Free licenses are also available to provide access for people without a Salesforce license. 

The rule-based automation power of ChattoMate allows only the most important conversations to be seen without the need to manually filter everything that may be generated by a standard Chatter selection profile.
Following are some common automation scenarios that are streamlined by ChattoMate:
  • Send important notifications to Chatter instead of Workflow to email;
  • Follow potential big wins that are close to deadline and ensure everything has been done for a successful business win;
  • Administrators looking for ‘hands off’ management of Groups and User Follows for Chatter Free or Community users;
  • Automatically set up induction flows for new users to follow the CEO (or other selected groups/people);
  • Alert your team when the risk or compliance matrix hits a critical level, all C level managers need to follow the progress;
  • Automatically alerted about further activity when a marketing campaign budget has been exceeded;
  • Unfollow any opportunities that have been Closed Won with no changes for 30 days;
  • Keep employees up to date with the latest news by automatically adding them to the 'All Hands' group;
  • Automatically add Tier 2 support when a case is escalated;
  • Create a group for ‘Chatter Free’ users and auto assign them in bulk;
  • The technical team to swarm to collaborate around a machine that has signaled it has a fault.

Get a 30 day free trial from the Appexchange

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